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VELCRO® Brand Ultra Mate® HTH Hook


ULTRA-MATE® HTH, High Technology Hook (HTH) products are engineered molded hook fasteners which provide superior closure with a variety of loops. The result of years of research by Velcro Companiess, ULTRA-MATE® products provide an unprecedented range of fastening performance characteristics.

    * Four proprietary hook shapes
    * A wide range of closure strengths
    * Cycling capabilities from disposable to long life
    * Hook density ranges from 130 to 900 hooks per inch
    * Polymer properties demanded by the application - UV, flame, moisture and acid resistant
    * Dielectrically and sonically sealable, sewable
    * Flexibility - ideal for stitching and slitting, as well as straight and die-cutting
    * Adaptability - products can incorporate custom features, from unidirectional hooks
      to wide selvedges or channels
    * Consistent hook shape and height
    * Available in widths up to 12-3/4 inches
VELCRO® Brand 3607 and 3906 knit loop products are also designed to eliminate adhesives and solvents. These loops have a virgin vinyl film laminated to the surface which is to be sealed to the substrate. Thus, these loops can be RF sealed to products such as eyeglass cases, blood pressure cuffs, toys, and portfolios.

RF Weldable Hook and Loop Fasteners featuring ULTRA-MATE® Hook 22 ULTRA-MATE® HTH(tm) (High Technology Hook) 848 is a vinyl hook tape that offers an excellent RF weld to most flexible vinyl films. This product provides superior peel and shear characteristics when engaged with VELCRO® brand loops 3607 and 3906. HTH 848 eliminates the need for heat-activated adhesive and significantly reduces the cost of using VELCRO® brand hook and loop closures on vinyl products.