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Standard Back (Sewable)

Standard Back (sewable)

VELCRO® brand fasteners consist of two mating components: hook and loop. The woven hook tape consists of minute, flexible "hooks" which engage with a mating loop tape comprised of small, soft "loops." When pressed together, the resulting closure is adjustable, highly secure and jam proof. To reopen (cycle), the closure is simply peeled apart. VECLRO® brand woven hook and loop tapes are manufactured by a precise and refined weaving process which ensures uniformity of dimensions and construction.

Woven Nylon Hook and Loop Tapes Velcro USA Inc. offers two nylon woven hook tapes and a variety of loop tapes (both woven and knitted).
Hook #65 - Designed for maximum cycling (opening and closing); this hook utilizes a lightweight hook to maximize cycle life without minimizing performance.

Hook #88 - Heavy duty hook tape - somewhat lower cycle life than Hook #65; This hook utilizes a heavier weight hook to maximize performance without minimizing cycle-life. Loop #1000 - A napped tape used in most standard closure applications with both hook #65 and #88. Loop #2000 - An unnapped loop tape with a greater cycle life and less peel resistance than Loop #1000. Typically used where closure is to be effected around a radius (such as a strapping application).
Standard roll size is 50 yards.
Standard sizes 5/8" - 4".