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Leveling Feet

Plastic Leveling Feet:


Plastic Leveling Feet

ITW Fastex's leveling feet were designed to eliminate the need for weld nuts in the base of a unit. They will thread directly into a helix that can be stamped into the base of the unit. Molded using glass filled impact modified nylon, they are an economical replacement for a metal glide and nut assembly. Designed for use in 16 and 18-gauge steel, the coarse thread design reduces the number of turns necessary to adjust the height. These feet are designed to eliminate steps on the assembly line. This is a patented product.
Plastic Leveling Foot

[assembled directly into MDF material]
This foot assembles easily into threaded MDF. There is no need for metal glides, nuts, inserts or plates. Simply drill a hole into the MDF base, .625-.635 diameter and tap, using a .780-5 ACME tap, then screw the foot directly into the MDF base. It is shock resistant and the height can be easily adjusted from either the top or the base of the foot.

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