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ITW Nexus Military

ITW Military

ITW's original Fastex Side Release Buckles lightened the load of the U.S. Armed Forces over 25 years ago.  Today, as technology has added new threats to the battle field, ITW Nexus N.A. (North America) has accepted the challenge and developed products that both support and protect our troops.


The new line of GhillieTEXTM products offer the cloaking benefits of IR signal reduction, increased field durability and the high quality that has become synonymous with Fastex®ITW Nexus N.A. understands that our troops must trust the equipment they rely on everyday.  These products have been designed to enhance survivability in the fierce environment of today's war zones.


ITW Nexus N.A. takes pride in the support of our troops providing the specific products and development resources that they require.  This dedication is the reason both the Military specifies and top kit manufacturers choose ITW Nexus N.A.











2" GT Blast Buckle GT SR GT SR Filed 1" GT Surface Mount 2" TSR Dual 2" TSR
SR Dual Web Dominator GT Ruck 100 Ladderloc Split Bar GTLL-100 GTLL-100 Mako Ladderloc
TLL Ladderloc Ladderloc Split Bar Sternum Tri Glide Tri Glide Low Profie Tri Glide
D-Ring Looploc Wide Mouth Tri Glide SR Grimloc Split Bar Sternum